Cigar Rollers Las Vegas

CIGAR ROLLER FOR VEGAS TPE EVENT CLICK HERE Vegas cigar roller events have become a staple for any upscale affair going on throughout the boulevard. The Cigar Rollers Las Vegas are all selected and have been with us for an…


Cigars used for our Vegas events are all imported from countries like the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. All the cigars selected for our Vegas events remain true to the same product we supply in stores. The brand consists of top construction,…

Las Vegas Cigar Servers

Cigar Servers should be Cigar Knowledgeable and equipped to answer any question that your guests may have. An excellent pairing with the Cigar Rollers Las Vegas group enhances the experience for guests and brings a heightened respect to your event.…

Las Vegas Cigar Events

Vegas Cigar Rollers have started our brand with this unique entertainment since 1999 and the cigar rolling feature is now a staple for all the big events on the Strip. Gambling and Cigars have always fit perfectly together so your cigar roller will be the perfect addition to your Big Day.

Cigars, Cigar Rollers, Cigar Servers and Custom Cigar Bands are all coordinated perfectly and custom packages are created for each event with no “templated” pricing. After submitting the details of your event, a full time event planner here will liaise with you from your initial inquiry to the day of the Big Event.

Full time cigar event planners coordinate all of our client’s cigar features to turn your vision into reality. We get the essence of what you have in mind. For the party whether it be a group of your friends to a large Casino party with A-List gamblers.

The Vegas Cigar Rollers are friendly, speak English and can interact well with guests to make the cigar demonstration a popular feature on that special evening.

Once you submit the details of the event and include the Vegas location, we will go ahead and create a custom cigar package quote that includes cigars, custom bands and cigar rollers needed.

The amount of time, quantity of cigars should all be taken into consideration as well as the make up of your guest list.

A large wedding at any of the Casino would take a certain type of cigars as opposed to a VIP party thrown for the A-List Gamblers.

Mandalay Bay, Hard Rock, Wynn, the Palms and the other 5-Star hotels has been a home for many of our cigar rolling demonstrations which launched the brand initially in Vegas. The rollers are typically booked for 2 hours with more hours possible. All of the cigar rollers are warm, friendly and interactive so guests can ask questions about the unique feature they are seeing.

This is what makes cigar rolling so popular in Vegas and that’s why we have 3 rollers that are authentic and work through all of the casinos.

Our in house planners will create a cigar rolling feature that will make your Las Vegas event a big hit.