box-churchill-cigarsCigars used for our Vegas events are all imported from countries like the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. All the cigars selected for our Vegas events remain true to the same product we supply in stores.

The brand consists of top construction, top tobacco and are “Grade A” level quality to ensure that you guests are smoking the same quality they are used to in their upscale lifestyle. With Maduro wrapper leaves from Ecuador with their deep black color and rich flavor or, our Connecticut shade broadleaf with its Golden tone, smooth texture and mild bodied characteristics, the cigars will fit all of your guest expectations.

The Robusto models are typically 5 ½ inches by 50 ring gauge while the Churchhills are 7 inches. The length of the cigar rolled by the cigar rollers are important as the size translates into smoking time which will help you plan the right fit for you event

Churchill cigars will smoke typically 45 min. to an hour while the Robustos will smoke for about 30 to 40 minutes.